KofC Shirts

Information to Council Members
Reference: Shirts, Polo/Golf Shirts
Where to get them:
X-Trem Print graphics
4475 Blue Ridge Dr
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
(706) 492-2050

Prices: If you have your own shirt $10.00 to put on Logo
Shirt Prices:
Polo Style: Chestnut Hill. Logo pg. 296 catalog Short Sleeve, suggested colors True Blue or Black, $34.00 with Logo Category Catalog

Shirts: Port Authority pg. 31, Avail in Long/Short sleeve, Soil Resistant Suggested
Colors, Faded Blue or Black $38.00 with Logo, Apparel, bags and cap catalog
Denim Shirts, pg. 33, Avail in Long/Short sleeve with Logo $40.00 Apparel, bags and cap catalog.

5 day lead time for shirts……

Also Online at: The English Company